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Re: McSlash's Mods

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 11:04
by Mizu
Nice :thumbsup:

Re: McSlash's Mods

Posted: 11 Apr 2015 06:49
by weasel
Realy nice stuff.

Also a question for you :

During night mood there are some blue lines who popup , next to the grid.
You have a race track where you drive on , next to that is a sort of grid and then you see those blue lines. Only during night.

Can those be removed ? Or change in color ?

Re: McSlash's Mods

Posted: 11 Apr 2015 19:10
by McSlash
Thanks for all the props, good to be appreciated.
Weasel-Yep, just about everything can be altered . . . look for .dds files that end in "L"; especially StadiumRoadL, and StadiumRoadL2, and StadiumLoopL. "L" is for Luminous, or is that Loser?

I'll have to knock out some more soon, eh? :gobananas: :roflol:

Re: McSlash's Mods

Posted: 12 Apr 2015 21:06
by congo
You are an inspiration McSlash. Love your work!

I downloaded your mods and got to work for the last week repairing some old mods I had downloaded a long time ago, they have texture issues and such.
As a result, I learned pretty fast on my own, but I've just been figuring out everything for myself, just figured out how to do the textures properly as well using Photoshop.

Nice one!

Re: McSlash's Mods

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 07:56
by weasel
Just another question :

How do I know to save the dds files ?

DXT1 1bit alpha
DXT1 no alpha
DXT5 interpolated alpha

Somehow when I save those files , some parts are missing ingame.

Is there also a way to load the MOD without restarting the game everytime I changed something ?

Re: McSlash's Mods

Posted: 20 Apr 2015 16:16
by McSlash
I learned by trial and error, whenever I load up a dds file into my photo program, I check its properties, or image information. The number of alpha layers if any will be listed.
When you create a transparency you save the mask to an alpha channel in the layers drop down box, but you can check existing alpha masks in the same layers menu, look for load mask from alpha channel. This allows you to see the alpha mask.
I have purposely gotten rid of alphas that I did not want by saving as "no alpha", but when I create a file like those in Grid Mod, with its major transparencies, I save as "explicit alpha".
I have to admit I am a little shaky on the specific differences between interpolated and explicit alphas.
I never use DTX1 1 bit alpha.

As for restarting the game . . . I think that is just part of the territory when dealing with computer programs.

Really glad you all enjoy my Mods.

Re: McSlash's Mods

Posted: 12 Oct 2016 21:46
by <This_is_not_a_test>
Great to see theres still some creative stuff around, have fun creating :lovetm


Re: McSlash's Mods

Posted: 28 Apr 2017 11:31
by oddthor
Great work there! I've also played this game for yeeeaaars and only in the past week have I jumped into the pit of chaos :3
Modding is not all that hard, but it's not all that easy...

One tip for you (when working between TM and an image editing program):
TM keeps a cache of files once a mod is loaded.
To clear the cache you either have to restart the game, or load a different mod :P

To save time here, keep both open!
Create TWO *.zip files of your mod, for example; '' and ''

Workflow example:
-edit image
-save to 'workshop1', export to zip
-(in TM) load 'workshop1'
-edit image, again...
-save to 'workshop2', export to zip
-(in TM) load 'workshop2'
repeat... FOREVER :gobananas:

I, uh, hope that makes sense.

Make sure your zip files go to the 'Mod' folder in your MyDocs game folder.

Now, I'm still looking for definitive answers about moding the MOODS. I'm busy playing around with it and nothing is changing. Gad-daym... Anyone know what's going on with those files and how to make a difference... Let's be the change we want to see :1 :3

Another thing... from what I've read so far, it sounds like most, if not all of the *, or 'Dynamic' files (the ones that actually look like the game) should be saved with 1 alpha channel??? very confusing.
Early days for me. Once I learn more I'll share what I've learned :)