Mod Help: Audio Replacement in TMNF

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Mod Help: Audio Replacement in TMNF

Post by hozkinz » 17 Sep 2008 14:25

First post here, so no doubt most of you regard me as a noob, but meh

anyways, me and a mate are making an "undisclosed/secret" mod, most of the textures are fine and dandy and whatnot, but that isnt our problem

We are trying to figure out a way, if it is at all possible, to replace some of the standard sound effects with custom ones...

We have previously downloaded one other mod which seems to have a custom audio file, used int he same structure as below, but havent tested if it works because it is a bay mod (Named ocarinaoftime, and yes, i have united, just not installed, lost the disk, reinstalled windows, yadda yadda yadda, and yes, i still have my united account on TMNF)

Current File Listings we have:

Code: Select all

|   \---Sound
|       \---Wav
|               Applause.ogg
|               Race1.wav
|               Race2.wav
|               Race3.wav
|               RaceCheckPoint.wav
|               RaceCheckPointAhead.wav
|               RaceCheckPointLate.wav
|               RaceFinish.wav
|               RaceGo.wav
|               RaceLap.wav
|               RaceWoosh.wav
|               RaceWooshEnd.wav
|               RaceWooshStart.wav
|       Blah Blah Blah
The wav and the ogg files are the ones we wish to replace ingame, and we have changed them, saved them in the zip in the archive structure you see above, but nothing, the default sounds still play

and yes, the skins work perfectly

also please note, i did run a search, but all i found was very little, ie none

cheers for any help :D

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Re: Mod Help: Audio Replacement in TMNF

Post by Dreamcube018 » 08 Oct 2008 16:04

Gee I hope you figure it out. I'll try and see what I can do to replace them. I was thinking of replacing the main menu music.

There's also a trackmania folder in My Documents. Try looking in there to see if those are the ones you have to replace.

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