Help with downloading mods

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Help with downloading mods

Post by Luke++I2 » 30 Aug 2008 18:09

i have downloaded Yukons StadiumPro Mod. and this is how i installed:

1.copypasted all files to: C:/Documents And Settings/[my user]/My Documents/Skins/[created folder "Stadium"]/[Created Folder "mods"]/
2.Created .zip "StadiumPro"
3.Put file in
4.Put folders Images & Moods in

5.went into TMN
6.whent to editor and clicked Load Track
7.Held control and clickedd One of my Beginner tracks

Nothing happened.
How do i install a mod so that when i ctrl click the window appears so i can choose Stadiumpro Mod? :(

LOL nevermind. i thought mods were applyed after the track was made :roflol: :lol:

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