Not sure if this is the right place for this...

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Not sure if this is the right place for this...

Post by grundel70 » 25 Jul 2009 17:38

But is there any way I can replace or mix and match the default Nadeo 3d models from one environment to another?

For example, can I race my jeeps on rally courses? Or coast cars on desert tracks? Rally cars on stadium tracks?

I know I can take any downloaded 3d model, put it in the carcommon dir as a zip, and it appears in all environments. But I found that if I tried the same thing with the default 3d models all it does is show the appropriate environment 3d model with the paint job ..but not the car.

I wanted to take some of my jeeps and race them on an off road rally course I made. I took all of the .zips and put them in car common...when I started the race I had rally cars with my jeep paintjobs.

Also, for the record, I realize that the only thing I am changing is the model...the car performance and reactions (like top speed, steering, etc...) will stay the same as whatever the default car is. I just want to change the model.


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Re: Not sure if this is the right place for this...

Post by racemaster76 » 14 Mar 2010 05:06

You can find it on Carpark, Nadeo brand
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Re: Not sure if this is the right place for this...

Post by Gording » 15 Mar 2010 18:02

You've got a lot of stuff in there and are making assumptions back to front.
grundel70 wrote:I realize that the only thing I am changing is the model
Actually you're not. If you look inside a vehicle zip, the model's 3D (the actual shape of it) is contained in the MainBodyHigh.Solid.Gbx / MainBody.Solid.Gbx (for TMUF / TMSX / TMO, as TMN is different and used Vehicle 1, Vehicle 2, and Vehicle 3 for it's various 3D model settings) if those two files are not in the ZIP, there is no model! Simple.

If you open any of the default car ZIPs you only find an icon and a diffuse GBX's see. No models. SO if you copy or move those zips into other environment folder or a CarCommon one, you are only moving the 2D diffuse painter skin. If you then try to use that in another environ, you've not got any shape...just the painted skin.

See it's simple, and that's the reason only your paint job shows up wrapped over the wrong car shape.

The default 3D models for each environment are embedded in the TM game code, you cannot find them as they are part of the program. So you also cannot put them into a ZIP, and then move that Zip around! :thumbsup:

This is true for all environments too. So you can only use a jeep, in the jeep environment setting etc. ....but there is another way...sort of.

Hop over to and you will find many of the default cars are now available in "HD" more highly detailed versions. These ZIP's do include an icon, a diffuse (2D skin), a details (tyres, wheels, and interior), and some 3D model GBX's. They might also have dirty's, projshad, Illum, and little green men from mars too. The point is the "HD" cars will likely have the whole suite of files inside their compressed ZIP folders, and as such they can be placed and used in any environment

Once you understand that, the rest is (relatively) clear.

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