Custom Cars Content Loading? ADVANCED SETTINGS?

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Custom Cars Content Loading? ADVANCED SETTINGS?

Post by warriorsnation » 24 Feb 2009 06:07

Hi There, I wondered if you could help Im a TMU (full game yes I purchased the full game and I know this is the most asked question but can someone please assist), I have downloaded many various custom cars and also added to the cars with additional stickers, I have saved all the cars and give them new locators to a UK site which I own, but why does it take so long for other computers to download and show the custom content and sometimes it never gets around to showing the cars skin, I keep asking playing if they can see my cars skin and I often get "no sorry" we cannot see it? even after 10-15 mintues of playing and been on the same server, is there any way of speeding up this process, by changing advanced trackmania peer-peer settings, proxy, port addresses etc, and will at any stage trackmania master servers host our custom cars to speed up the process?

and I have a few questions in light of advanced settings?

1. what does update locators from URL mean?
2. will putting a tick in the setting "use local address speed up the process"
3. can I change the default server port and p2p port to speed things up?
4. can I use more than 1 URL in my (txt) locator .loc to simulate and share the bandwidth therefore to speed up the process of others downloading custom cars etc?
5. what does client port (which is set to 0) mean?

I truly hope someone can answer my questions becuase Im tired of driving a skinless grey car which everybody else sees and ONLY I see the custom paint job.

any help would be apprieciated? thankyou. :pil

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