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Post by _PaRaDoX_ » 14 May 2008 06:04

I want 2 give the stock stadium car semi-transparent wheels & spoiler. How would I do this.

P.S. Yes, you may have seen this post before, but i decided to make a whole topic for it, for easier viewing
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Re: Transparency

Post by UKFC»ACE » 14 May 2008 08:01

The answer on this thread won't be any different to the last one! You can't.

The transparency or rather the ability to be transparent is controlled within the model and not the skin. The stock stadium car does not have this ability written into the .gbx so you would have to re-model the car with 3D software such as Cinema4D or 3DStudioMax. After you have done this you can control the transparency by adjusting the greyness of the alpha channel in the details file.

Have a look at or for more info.

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