Trackmania Nations Skins

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Trackmania Nations Skins

Post by johnnygriever » 11 May 2008 08:09

Hey all,

This might well have been answered somewhere else but i'm a little confused.

If i have just the standard free version of Trackmania Nations and i paint my car, can other people see it?

I'm not talking about custom skins; just painting my own car in the free trackmania nations version? I can see when other people have painted their own standard f1 style (base model) car, and i can see when other people use custom skins too but i don't know if anyone can see my custom paintjobs (people seem to just see my australian car).

Is it a case of changing settings?

Thanks for anyone's help on this and thanks for reading.

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Re: Trackmania Nations Skins

Post by MuLoO » 11 May 2008 10:36

if you havn't bought the offical game and used that key on your free version noone will see your skin/pantjob/3Dmodel/horn,etc
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