Help me please! Ladder Points

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Help me please! Ladder Points

Post by Marcoonstenk » 01 Dec 2013 18:11

So, I´ve been doing RoC today and ended with 90.750 LP.
Then I relogged one time, and I had 90.630 LP. Where did those 120 LP go? They are important, they can make the difference tomorrow if I'm above 90k. Somebody please ? Maybe it's normal , I don't know. I know about the reduction of points on Monday but on Sunday? nO.. Thanks


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Re: Help me please! Ladder Points

Post by eXtreme34 » 05 Dec 2013 21:55

Hi and welcome :)
That was normal, last LPs weren't actualized so you lost a little. By relogging again ten minutes later, your LPs could have been back ;)
In fact you still got them. ;)
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