United Pro 100k >Zero<

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United Pro 100k >Zero<

Post by Bueddl » 21 Feb 2009 23:15

Click to Join United RoC 100K >Zero<
(80k-90k | 80k-100k on Sundays!)

  • Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt » United Pro 100k >Zero<


  • XAseco 1.09@zero
  • FuFi Widgets
  • FuFi Menu
  • No Cheat
  • Active Player Rotation: Worst Player Kick (2 Players)
  • Auto Queue@zero

12 United Tracks (gray ones disappered)

Download Whole Mappack (map download will be available again soon)
New Maps added since 22-03-2008
  • GC4-Ensea (Desert)
  • CE2-Grand_Tourism (Rally)
  • GC3-DoubleTrouble (Coast)
  • GC3-OpenCity (Bay)
  • GiantCup1 (Alpine)
  • Isle_of_Pain (Island)
New Maps added since 28-11-2009 Trainserver:

A Trainserver is started with those RoC-Maps.
It is located in: Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt » RoC 100k Train >Zero<

Click to Join United RoC Train 100k >Zero<
(80k -90k)

Let's have fun and gain many, many ladder points!
See you on United Pro 100k >Zero< ;)

Visit http://www.zero-clan.org in search of our public servers.

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