Ladder ranking cheat in roc !

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Ladder ranking cheat in roc !

Post by naplusb » 14 Dec 2020 18:25

Just reporting the unfair behaviour of the admin of roc server, DGF Dragon, that kick me for no reason, pretending what i would have del 3x in a row, which is fully not true, i did del after failing here and there, but was playing seriously.

Thoses guys are often very nervous and even agressiv if not finishing and have pretty not fair behaviour, that's not the first time i observe that in roc, since years.

I got hundred of top 1 in fun speed, so i could pretend to be a pretty serious player, i guess..

the ranking is cheated by the fact that DGF Dragon kick me out of the option to get what i deserve (meanning a nice rank, was already top 57 earlier in the year, but had not time to play full roc neither)

Maybe i could have receive some LP in compensation !

Why should I have a disadvantage on other players ?

I like fun speed maps server very much, still the admin have to be warned to respect the other players, and this guy perfectly know I'm a very serious player.

pls some help ?

thx and bye :lovetm

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