Help me in config! in mode round

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wheelbarrow operator
wheelbarrow operator
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Help me in config! in mode round

Post by xamiito » 14 Dec 2010 15:14

hi i need help for config en mode round
who is?

point limit?
round forced laps?
finich time out?
use new rules?
chat time?
disable respawn?
force show ....?


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smooth traffic navigator
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Re: Help me in config! in mode round

Post by Mort » 15 Dec 2010 06:43

These aren't ServerMania questions. Are you asking what each of them is? You should read through the files in the server directory and other FAQs on the forums to help you understand the server setups.

You can just hover your mouse over most of these in ServerMania to see an explnation as well.

point limit - The number of points someone needs to win the round
round forced laps - Minimum number of laps to race. Used on laps mode
finich time out - The countdown delay after the first person finishes. Gives slower people time to finish as well
use new rules - Only used for Rounds mode. I think it's mostly just used for some comps. I leave it off.
warmup - Runs warmup race without scoring so people can practice a track before the scoring race begins
chat time - How long the podium screen appears so people can chat after a race
disable respawn - Don't allow people to respawn at checkpoints if they crash
force show .... - Forces you to see all other players cars. Stops you turning other cars off with "O"

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