How to remote running server with servermania?

This is the forum for ServerMania which is a graphical dedicated server controller software written in .NET framework.

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How to remote running server with servermania?

Post by llX-Rayll » 20 Nov 2010 11:00

I need help to remote my server...Server is running in another computer.
It's already running and working with Xaseco.
Now i wanna control server, can i do this with Servermania?
How to control the server.. uploading tracks etc.
Where i can get to servermania Remote URL and Remote port..
In what folder or what?
Need help please

And where i can make Admins who can be admins in server?
in what file...and how. i didnt find any tutorial for that in forum

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Re: How to remote running server with servermania?

Post by Mort » 06 Dec 2010 14:17

Servermania just talks to the server on the XML-RPC port you configured the server with. When you create a new Remote entry in Servermania just specify the correct port and use the IP address for the "URL".

If you want to give other people access to your server using Servermania you can set the Superadmin, Admin, and User level access in the server config file for those people to connect using Servermania
XASECO would also have its own Admin system to manage its functions.

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