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This Aseco flavor by Mistral contains a comprehensive rank system that orders stats by environment, track and author name. It also contains a built-in lottery system.

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Re: mistral.idlekick.php | Stuck with a problem

Post by Big_Al » 11 May 2009 15:20

Mistral wrote:I dont know why you are using a Xymph XAseco-Plugin in my script.

The above code isnt from my controller at all.

I cant even remember to have any ForceSpectator in my chat.admin.php.
Errm i just took the code from above...You said its all in that thread...
So sorry m8, I am no experienced aseco-user.

I just wanted to ask if someone can give me a (complete) working code of the mistral.idlekick.php included the function that an idle player will be moved to spectator...

The chat.admin.php i just resetted to original.

Okay now it seems to work...Dont know where the prob was...
Thx anyway... :3

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