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xmlrcp error [-1000]

Posted: 18 May 2008 12:11
by breach
I have a Nations Forever server where i am using Aseco Mistral mod 8.0 and one or two times a day the script stops with this message:


What can i do so solve this problem... and what is causing it?

Re: xmlrcp error [-1000]

Posted: 18 May 2008 14:10
by Mistral
The player left the server after the skript sent a request for playerinfo.

The only solution is: restart the script.

Re: xmlrcp error [-1000]

Posted: 13 Jun 2008 23:13
by breach
ok!, tnx!

I solved it a bit dirty in the BAT shortcut like this...

Code: Select all

@echo off

set INSTPHP=C:\***\php

rem *************************************
"%INSTPHP%\php.exe" aseco.php

goto start
no problems so far and it has been running 24/7 with 500-1500 connections per day since 21th may...