Mistral Aseco

This Aseco flavor by Mistral contains a comprehensive rank system that orders stats by environment, track and author name. It also contains a built-in lottery system.

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Re: Mistral Aseco

Post by Mistral » 07 Feb 2008 16:28

breach wrote:
Mistral wrote:1. Like in the readme: Press Clean&Save once (will create mistral_wins table)
2. Delete all nicknames from players table - check if its UTF8
Thats a bit strange. I cant seem to find that part in the read me file where it says Clean&Save? But anyhow, i acutally did that first anyway :) as i like to fiddle on buttons and stuff.
I deleted the NickNames, and it was not UTF 8 changed it to UTF8 and its working fine. But why delete the nicks?

But i am abit puzzled thou. I am now running this on a MySql 4.* server becouse i dont seem to be able to connect to the MySql 5.1 server i have access to. I guess this is not a great solution in the long run? or? Can it work?
"5. after first start you should press "clean&save""

Cuz setting the table to utf8 wont convert the broken non-utf8-nicknames ... nicknames will be refreshed when the player joins.

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Re: Mistral Aseco

Post by oliverde8 » 07 Feb 2008 20:24

Mistral wrote:
oliverde8 wrote:Hi I have a littler probleme with your mod olso not really a probleme but it can be bothering.

When I restart a track as an admin I skip the next track in the jukebox :| .

İs it like this because I modified something I shouln't have ???

You are not skipping it ... its the next track ... after the jukebox ^^ (restart sux)
:mrgreen: I added some pieces to it as TMX info and pm so. I did quite attention while adding code but I could have changed something without knowing it.
Thanks :D
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