Entry Manialink

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Entry Manialink

Post by malun22 » 04 Feb 2020 19:43

Hi everyone,

is there any chance to react in a plugin on a value put into an entry?

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$xml .= '<entry posn="53 0 0.11" sizen="32 0" style="TextValueSmall" name="inputvalue" default="42"/>';
Is there any chance to react on the inputvalue just like an action id?


What I was trying to do is to show a manialink with a plugin. In the manialink you can change values of variables. For now you can only change those with chat commands e.g. /cpm amountmaps 4 .
I now found out about the entry option in manialinks. But it seems they are only for real manialinks and not the server ones.

Is there a way to receive the information from an entry field in the manialink with a piece of code in php?

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