XAseco and Records Eyepiece Not Working

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Re: XAseco and Records Eyepiece Not Working

Post by undef.de » 10 Jan 2020 15:59

L3cKy wrote:
09 Jan 2020 19:30
Ah and if you get this error message again:

Code: Select all

[plugin.records_eyepiece.php] Register event "onCheckpoint" to enabled wanted Widgets.
Btw.: That's not an error message, it's just a information that RecordsEyepiece has registered the handling on the event "onCheckpoint" to activate required functionallity for the enabled widgets.

There is no need to add

Code: Select all

Aseco::registerEvent('onCheckpoint', 're_onCheckpoint');
after line 236, because this code is already in there right at line 5025. 8)

Ideas_xo wrote:
09 Jan 2020 21:57

Code: Select all

[01/09,21:55:27] Try to connect to TM dedicated server on timeout           180s
[01/09,21:55:27] Try to authenticate with login 'SuperAdmin' and password 'password'
[01/09,21:55:28] Connection established successfully !
[01/09,21:55:28] [LocalDB] Load config file [localdatabase.xml]
[01/09,21:55:28] [LocalDB] Try to connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' with da          tabase 'aseco'
[PHP Warning] mysql_connect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch          . Headers:50547 Library:50645 on line 73 in file /home/tmf/xaseco/plugins/plugin          .localdatabase.php
[01/09,21:55:28] [LocalDB] MySQL Server Version is 5.7.28
[01/09,21:55:28] [LocalDB] Checking database structure...
[01/09,21:55:28] [LocalDB] ...Structure OK!
You should see some widgets or chat output, because XAseco seems to start successfully. Maybe your XAseco connects to a wrong dedicated server? Or you are connecting to a wrong dedicated server.

But you still should fix that MySQL Header/Library thingy: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/installation- ... with-php5/
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Re: XAseco and Records Eyepiece Not Working

Post by L3cKy » 10 Jan 2020 16:09

We are on it ... he have changed the OS because it was not possible to update php/mysql due to some bullshit no one can understand. XD

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Re: XAseco and Records Eyepiece Not Working

Post by Ideas_xo » 10 Jan 2020 18:13

We were able to fix it! Changed the OS to Ubuntu 16 and installed 'apt-get install php5.6-xml' after it was giving an error and its up and running. Thank you again to L3cKy for helping me out :)

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