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Warning in method_helper.php

Posted: 10 Mar 2019 21:21
by weasel
I get this warning :

dedimania_endrace_cb - error(s): Warning in method_helper.php(1399): Number of checkpoints for map AZyikR18zLxfWmgmzWXh9kJm921 set to : 4

It happens with this map : ... 53119#auto

While writing this topic there were no dedi times yet.

Re: Warning in method_helper.php

Posted: 23 Mar 2019 11:07
by NoTimeToDrive
Nothing to worry about :D

Read here:

Grt Ed

Why not copy text :idea:

TX-Slig says here:

xaseco just write what was returned by dedimania.
Here it's more an info than a warning
(but there is nothing more specific in the protocol for infos, so...),
to inform that from what was sent dedimania has considered the number of checkpoints on the map as being 4
(you should get that message only the first time records are sent for the map.