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[XAseco2] Plugin: cp_compare

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 11:02
by aca
Hello community,

i'd like to launch a XAseco2-plugin, that shows a widget in which cp-times can be compared.

Here a descriptive screen:

The widget is easily adaptable in style, size and position via cp_compare.xml

The latest source can be found here:

If you wanted to see how it looks like on my server, have a look at CrossTownTraffic (acas).

The widget is upgraded since today, that it is also correctly shown to spectators (means: the spectator sees the widget of the spectated).

Hope you like it and try it out :)

Bugreports / anything concerning the widget appreciated.

Greetz, aca

Re: [XAseco2] Plugin: cp_compare

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 20:50
by aca
UPDATE (to v4.6.1)
fixed for gameModeRounds -> widget now also shown at every rounds begin not just starting with first cp
--> thx @Jary for reporting & testing!!