MPAseco alpha v0.30 release

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MPAseco alpha v0.30 release

Post by kremsy » 26 Jul 2012 08:56

Hello all Aseco-Fans out there,

today we are going to present you the first version of MPAseco.

Here you can download the alpha release v0.30 of MPAseco:

New installation of v0.30:
To install the actual version (v0.30) just copy the following files from the newinstall folder to the MPAseco root folder:
  • config.xml
next step: copy all files from the /newinstall/includes/* folder to the includes folder in the rootfolder.
Then copy the folder /newinstall/Scripts to the UserData folder of the dedicated server software.
Afterwards configure config.xml and localdatabase.xml
Last but not least start MPAseco with or MPAseco.bat .

Upgrading from earlier beta versions:
Make the same steps that are descriped in the new installation section, expect do not copy and configurate localdatabase.xml.

Plugins for MPAseco:
Check out the plugin site:
There you can find a updated versions for MPAseco of Fufi Widgets, Server Neighborhood and
In the future there will be more plugins released.

Changes compared to the XAseco2 v1.00:
  • added script.xml and new admin commands: /admin listscripts, listmodescripts, setscript, setmodescript (only useable in the SMStorm modes)
  • added new possibilities for all rasp chat commands like /hi lj or /hi 02 (lj = last joined, 02 = playerid from /players)
  • sorted out some old admin commands (download a new list in the configuration section)
  • added the plugin plugin.modescriptcallbacks.php which gets the callbacks playerDeath, poleCapture, playerHit, playerRespawn, beginRound and endRound in combination with the modified gamemode scripts
  • added modified gamemode scripts to MPAseco, also they send the callback endMap a little bit earlier
  • deleted sql table records and rs_times
  • added 'Respawns'/'Deaths'/'Hits'/'GotHits' and 'Captures' to the players database
  • added all ManiaPlanet callbacks except ServerStart, ServerStop, BeginMatch and EndMatch and deleted all Trackmania callbacks
  • major fixes on beginMap() and endMap()
  • the events onEndMap1 and onEndMap returns the trackinfo as an array in the first value ([0]) instead of the rankings and in the second value ([1]) too for compatibility reasons
  • rewrote the GBXChallengeFetcher for ShootMania (added titleuid and corrected all the other GBX fetches)
  • added the variable type to the gameinfo class which contains the gametype (Royal, Melee...)
  • added the new PHP classes for MX by Xymph
  • defined API_VERSION 2012-06-19
  • defined url as MPASECO
  • tmlogin -> mplogin
  • xaseco2_plugins -> mpaseco_plugins
  • GetTracksDirectory -> GetMapsDirectory
  • updated the main plugins to MPAseco
  • removed record system
  • removed Records Panel
  • removed BannedIPs
TODO for the next versions:
  • implement admin settings for each gametyp
  • test the other plugins
  • small fixes
  • include a new ranking system
  • put some people ideas into the system
  • set to afk when type /afk
  • for royal mode a linear point system (more players, more points)
  • different MX dirs for a better overview MX/Royal MX/Melee...
  • killing and hitting sprees
  • an easy to handle matchsettings management for each mode
  • mpaseco restart function
Known bugs in this version
  • donate function doesn't work because planets transactions are disabled by NADEO during the beta phase
  • if you restart a map at score, the widgets doesn't update bacause the onBeginMap event gets not thrown
  • /admin setscript bugs:
    • server crashes when you change to siege
    • when you switch to timeattack, and change back to another mode, nobody is hittable anymore (damage doesn´t work anymore)
    • if you switch to battle mode, the first map gets skipped
All these features/changes you can see here:

Please report all bugs and requests to the ManiaPlanet forum:

Special thanks to ManiacTwister who developed this version of MPAseco with me.

And also a special thanks to Xymph and Flo for the trackmania releases of Aseco.

Best regards,
kremsy and the MPAseco-Team ;)
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