[XASECO] Plugin: Records-Eyepiece 1.1.1 (UPDATE)

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Re: [XASECO] Plugin: Records-Eyepiece 1.1.1 (UPDATE)

Post by L3cKy » 07 Jul 2018 13:46

There is a problem with the music widget and the function "re_getMusicServerPlaylist" somehow records eyepiece dont sort the song id`s correctly at a map change after a player choosed a song.

Walkthrough to the issue:
Restart xaseco > change map > choose song > change map (correct song is playing) > choose song > change map (correct song is playing OR here already the wrong song is playing) > choose song > change map (wrong song is playing)

It seems like records eyepiece is playing a song before or after the (by player) choosed one.

With adding a new event at the plugin.musicserver.php the issue is gone at records eyepiece (but of course the problem is somewhere at the plugin.records_eyepiece.php and need to be fixed ^^):

Code: Select all

//Thanks to [X]Skills
Aseco::registerEvent('onNewChallenge', 'test_fix');

function test_fix($aseco) {
	global $music_server;

    if ($music_server->cachetags) {
    	refresh_tags($aseco, $music_server);
        $aseco->releaseEvent('onMusicboxReloaded', null);

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