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Re: XASECO (TMN/TMF) v1.16

Post by amgreborn » 21 Oct 2018 20:31

NoTimeToDrive wrote:
28 Sep 2018 17:24
I have 5236 tracks on my server!! :pil
There's your problem. Do not add over 5000 tracks on any server. I don't know the exact details, but 5000 tracks is the hard limit. Everything above just causes problems!

Also generally from what I read, your server is simply lagging like crazy, that's why you don't see the chat. Usually the chat is independent of xaseco, but with my update, the chat is first redirected through xaseco and then posted. But because your server has too many tracks (or generally is running slow because of all the tracks), it takes time for the code in xaseco to executed, thus also the chat being executed. This is why you don't see any messages. It's just xaseco working.

I suggest removing tracks until you get below 5000. That might already help!

NoTimeToDrive wrote:
28 Sep 2018 17:24
Is line 1991 needed in 117?
I saw you change that a little to!
// optionally log all normal chat too
You removed line:
Yeah that part of the code... I also thought too myself that I somehow messed something up there lol. I did remove some lines that I think shouldn't have been removed.... I'm gonna restore these lines just like they are in the original xaseco 1.16 and update the 1.17 link.

Cheers :roflol:

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