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Starting with fast

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 16:06
by weasel

I'm new to fast , always worked with xaseco.

Have the server running , included fast.

But is there some info pages ( like Xymph has for his xaseco ) about :

- add and run plugins.

I already looked on forum for more info but it's hard to find what you need.

Xymph also explains a lot about config files for his Xaseco , also such thing for Fast ?

Just post any usefull info to run Fast.


Re: Starting with fast

Posted: 25 Apr 2013 10:33
by Slig
Don't expect as many 3rd party plugins as on xaseco, there are not. Fast+GPP+localdbf include most aspects, but surely not as many things and various panels as you can find on xaseco.
Mostly, xaseco is used by those who like many and various panels, essentially on TA servers. Fast is more used for Rounds/Team/Laps servers, for train and matches servers ; i guess because players on those kind of servers prefer a lighter hud and like few builtin features like team scores, live round places, etc. There is some logic in that: i play myself 99% in those modes so i think more about what i wanted for them.

There are few plugins in (some more plugins initially for Fast3 should also work on Fast4)

About plugins, if it's only a file then it should go in plugins/ folder (then it will be active by default, or disable it in fast.php $_DisabledPlugins) or in custom/ folder (inactive by default, or enable it in fast.php $_EnabledPlugins). If the plugin archive contains a plugins/ folder, then usually just extract the whole archive in the main Fast folder.

About multi-dedicated, personnaly i use a single folder for all my dedicated and their associated Fast, all at the same place : if i need a specific fast config for one then i make a copy of fast.php (using another name, like fast.conf1.php), customize that file, and launch fast using it (ie something like 'php fast.conf1.php dedicated.conf1.cfg')

Re: Starting with fast

Posted: 25 Apr 2013 15:33
by weasel
Ok , thanks . You were very helpfull.

Re: Starting with fast

Posted: 02 May 2013 22:15
by weasel
Hey Slig.

Maybe you can help out.

Set play time to 6 min. in matchsettings.txt.
Run time attack.

Fast 3.2.2 Y

Is it possible that Fast changes play time automatic ?

I start with 6 min. and after some tracks I have only 4 min of paytime.


since I use gpp menu , after podium time = set back to 4 min.

example :

I setup in matchsettings.txt 6 min.
drive track 1 TA 6 min.
after podium track 2 starts.
now is the time 4 min. again.

Why is that ?