Multilap ban/Time incoherance

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Multilap ban/Time incoherance

Post by spoons » 07 Jun 2011 16:55

I get Multilap ban on server always as i cross the finish line with the message time incoherance.

i know there is a script to sort this i was given it once for my old server but.. this was long ago and ive totally forgoten which topic or where the hell it is.

So i was wondering if anyone in the know could link me or paste the right piece of info i need to sort this ANOYING problem out.

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Re: Multilap ban/Time incoherance

Post by Xymph » 07 Jun 2011 18:17

Not a script but a dedicated_cfg.txt setting: viewtopic.php?p=165786#p165786
However, this is default since build 2010-03-15 and the current build is 2011-02-21. If you're not yet running that, upgrade.
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