Bug in Rasp matchsave2

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Bug in Rasp matchsave2

Post by SilentStorm » 25 Aug 2009 21:03

I dont know if anyone ever reported this so im going to tell you just to be sure...

There is a bug in plugin.rasp.matchsave2.php at Line 918. It says htmlspecialchar there instead of htmlspecialchars.
If the Script ever comes to that line it will crash the whole Aseco System which will shutdown because of the call to an undefined Function. Happened to me today when a player used the /teamname Command without any Parameters.

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Re: Bug in Rasp matchsave2

Post by nocturne » 26 Aug 2009 18:58

This error has been mentioned several times before, both in the main aseco release thread and in separate threads (this is the third thread about it in the first page alone).... I was pretty sure it was fixed in Aseco v2.2.0, though it still technically did not work completely due to some old code sneaking through -- so I posted this replacement some time back (link).

If you're running the current beta release of Aseco v2.2.2, it's already fixed.

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