[ASECO2.x] Plugin | Set gamemode ingame

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[ASECO2.x] Plugin | Set gamemode ingame

Post by Cherimoya » 20 Sep 2008 20:29

Just a little plugin to make admin life a little bit easier ;)

This plugin wil give you the opportunity to set the gamemode without restarting the server.

Unzip the file and add plugin.SetGameMode.php to you plugins folder.

Add line <plugin>plugin.SetGameMode.php</plugin> to your plugins.xml

Add line <setgamemode>false</setgamemode> to <AuthItems> in admingroups.xml

Add line <setgamemode>true</setgamemode> to <SuperAdmin>, and every other group which you want to give the rights, in admingroups.xml

FSR Shorties 0-60000 -> join , FSR Dinky 0-60000-> join

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