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[ASECO2.x] Plugin | InfoTeam

Post by J-S » 28 Jul 2008 17:56


Works with ASECO2.x
Description: It's a plugin which give some informations on the Team, the players (name, status in the team, link to access to a profile...)

Thanks to [SA.fr]Tybos who is helpful in the development.

Commands :
/infoplayers command :

/infoteam command :

/admin reloadinfoteam : can reload the xml file to reload informations.

Installation :
- Put plugin in plugins directory.
- Edit plugins.xml and add this line :

Code: Select all

Edit xml file (JS_infoteam.xml) to change the informations. you can use {br} to go on the next line.
you can use the Aseco's Emotic tags ({#emotic}{#help}...) to color your text.

Download (v0.91) (rar contains xml files and plugin)

If you have suggestions, do not hesitate to communicate them.

My others plugins :
Quizbot: here
JokeBot : here
Lottery : here
Betting Forever : In dev and beta testing ...
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Re: [ASECO2.x] Plugin | InfoTeam

Post by fordry » 29 Jul 2008 04:47

this looks interesting, gonna try it soon.

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