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Ladder server 0-60k password issue

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 05:21
by nicomoore0
Just set up a third server account but getting this error:

Code: Select all

[2020/02/08 04:46:46] Initializing...
[2020/02/08 04:46:46] Configuration file : dedicated_cfg.txt
[2020/02/08 04:46:46] Loading system configuration...
[2020/02/08 04:46:46] ...system configuration loaded
[2020/02/08 04:46:46] Loading cache...
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] ...OK
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] Listening for xml-rpc commands on port 5004.
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] Loading dedicated server configuration...
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] ...Dedicated server configuration loaded
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] Match settings file : MatchSettings\old.txt
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] Loading match settings...
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] ...Match settings loaded
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] Autostart server on internet
[2020/02/08 04:46:47] Connecting to master server...
[2020/02/08 04:46:48] ...OK
[2020/02/08 04:46:48] Identifying on master server...
[2020/02/08 04:46:48] ...ERROR: Wrong password. Please make sure you spelled your password right
[2020/02/08 04:46:48] Please wait, loading...
[2020/02/08 04:46:50] Server not running, exiting.
[2020/02/08 04:46:51] Exiting...
I set up the ladder server 0-60k on the TMU Player Page, created the login "wearecrazy" but wasn't prompted to set a password.

on dedicated_cfg I changed the masterserver account to use the username "wearecrazy" and I used the password that I used to log into the player page and its giving me the above error.

This will be server #2 on TM1 which we will use as a ladder server, server #1 works without issue. Where should I be entering the username "wearecrazy" and what password should I be using as I'm sitting here scratching my head.

Help! :ftw: :1

Re: Ladder server 0-60k password issue

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 07:28
by weasel
If I remember right :

When you create a server account you set a login and a password.
When you want the server having a ladder , you need that login and a validation key ( no password ) last 3 characters of the game key ( Or something like that ).

So if you had a dedicated server running, no need to chance password for adding a ladder.

Re: Ladder server 0-60k password issue

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 14:20
by nicomoore0
Our server account is “ultraserverx”. I logged into the “ultraserverx” TMU Player Page. It wasn’t allowing me to create a ladder server with the login “ultraserverx” so where asked to put the login I created the login “wearecrazy” using the same validation key as “ultraserverx”.

From my understanding of your reply in the master server account on dedicated_cfg am I to write the following:

Login: wearecrazy
Pass: empty/no pass
Validation: XXX

Ideally I wanted the login ultraserverx to be the ladder server but it wouldn’t allow me which is why I created the wearecrazy login on the TMU Player Page under the main server account.

Re: Ladder server 0-60k password issue

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 18:19
by weasel
Uhm , on playerpage :

section : dedicated servers ( need game key )

Server login: weasel
Server password: weasel
Server location: earth

section : Ladder

Server login: weasel
Amateurs place 60000LP
Validation XXX ( last characters game key )