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Post by Z0mbie » 29 Jun 2016 01:48

So this board said "Technical Support"(problems , etc, and yes this is a problem),
what does "incoherent time" and then banning mean? I finished a "rpg" track in Bzzz RPG server and it banned me and my mate with same message...... could someone unban us from there? We're clearly not cheaters ehh.....

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Re: Problem

Post by Alinoa » 04 Jul 2016 13:27

You have been banned from the servers so only the server admins can unban you and your friends.
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Re: Problem

Post by eyebo » 11 Jul 2016 22:41

Alinoa is right. You'd have to contact the server admins to unban you. You might ask around on some other RPG servers if someone knows the owners. That's what I would do.

The incoherent time thing was a way to catch cheaters originally. With the advent of blockmixing, it's become more of a problem in that it can catch innocent users who happen to pass through two checkpoints at the same time, if the author has placed two checkpoints in the same physical space, which can easily happen when editing. Once a driver finishes the map, the server can't make sense of the times and it believes you "jumped" from one CP to another, even though you quite innocently were just driving the map normally.

So not only should you be unbanned, but the server admins should be made aware of the map you were driving so they can contact the author and get the map updated (or removed from the server at the very least).

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