Manialink problem

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Manialink problem

Post by Woutertje » 14 Aug 2013 16:30

Hey everyone!

I've been designing a (new) manialink with Manialink Designer. Now i've tried putting it online on my playerpage (united) but it won't work.
It says it saved it successfully, but it doesn't show up in my URL list.

I've checked a few things, and i also have TM2, tried checking the player page there.

So i have a few questions:

- Whats up with the manialink page on the playerpage?
- Can i only do TM2 manialinks now?
- Will TM2 manialinks work in TMUF, and also redirect tracks to the TMUF trackpage rather than the TM2 page?

Thanks in advance, Wouter.
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