Can't play online

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Can't play online

Post by anduu666 » 11 Dec 2010 12:12

Everytime I want to play online they told me that I need to upgrade my NAT, from where I can do this? :D


And when I try to join a server they give me the 10054 error :( :(

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Re: Can't play online

Post by Gording » 11 Dec 2010 13:59

NAT = Network Address Translation

This is horribly technical, but basically it means each computer connected to a router or hub, is assigned it's own specific number. If this is wrong you possibly got NAT problems on your hands.

Trackmania also has a "NAT warning", for content sharing and port setting, but this is not an error. It is there to say "your PC appears to be on a Network, please make sure all your settings are correct" and most proceed as normally, while a few take fright, hide behind a chair and fling cushions at the monitor in abject fear!

However....if you googled (you didn't?) "error 10054" you'd find lots of websites show details of this relating to winsock errors (for whatever reason), or other network socket issues. How you'd fix these, I wouldn't even attempt to explain. Best you seach for one in your own language, or google translate one of the links google finds for you.

Good luck.

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