TMNF not launching?!?

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highway camper
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TMNF not launching?!?

Post by JakobFH » 22 Aug 2010 21:05

Heya, I've got this problem with Trackmania Nations Forever.

Simply the first time after I've installed the game I click run on the launch and click play and it launches the game. But then all the attempts at launching after that first time nothing happens.
I.E. I click the TMNF-Launcher and Click play and nothing happens/I click the TMNF.Exe file and nothing happens.

The game simply wont launch.
I'm running with an Intel(R) Duo Core T6400 2ghz processor, 4gigs ram, and Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT graphics.

Any idea on how to fix this? - I've tried to download and install it multiple times now, keep getting the same issue.

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Re: TMNF not launching?!?

Post by Gording » 23 Aug 2010 00:33

What OS are you using?
What is the size of the EXE you used to install?
Where did you download from?
Have to tried downloading the install EXE from another location to confirm the problems is not just that the EXE is incomplete or corrupted? Therefore leading you to a completely broken game install!
Do you have an up to date Anti-virus program that would hopefully prevent a virus that could be already on your hard drive, from attaching itself onto the end of all the EXE's you download, and therefore break them as they install?
What is the folder size you installed it to?
Do you have a socket on the back of your head, and is the plug that you might find attached there labelled "The Matrix" slightly loose?

You have plenty enough hardware to run the game, but as it doesn't even marginally run, you have to actually provide details beyond : "it don't work!" Come on, put some effort in! :lol:

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