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by tcq
03 Oct 2007 16:29
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: TMU Keeps Disconnecting my Internet!!
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Re: TMU Keeps Disconnecting my Internet!!

hmm, maybe you pluged in more usbs like allowed(usb hubs or so) for your mainboard?
by tcq
24 Sep 2007 21:46
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Coppers exploit
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Re: Coppers exploit

Hmm, just watched out my coopers and wooow
Day before they were 21xxx and now 58xx o_O
That sucks really, was on the way to buy a little game in the future :(
I won most of the coopers on competitions (nearly 16000) and the rest by lotterys on different servers.
by tcq
10 Jul 2007 20:34
Forum: Competitions
Topic: ~SpeeedAddicts~ Summer Cup
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So, the first teams joined this competiton.
But we need a lot more teams to have a cool and hard fight.
Come on all.
You could see in this cup the chance to train for the next league season ;)
by tcq
24 May 2007 11:49
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: What is the longest time that you have played tmn in one go?
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maybe, 6 or 7 hours ago 21 up to 3-4 ;)
But this is a long time ago, but then that was my regulary time for two or three months from mo to fr.
by tcq
24 May 2007 11:47
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Questions
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by tcq
21 May 2007 08:47
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: LOL-map-Server
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I drove a few times on this kind of servers on TMN and they were such fun xD But here on TMU i never visited one of this servers, cause i want to get my ranks free of points, which are to easy ;) (like presents) I'm proud of my islandskill and think i'm not so bad on other environments. I don't need...
by tcq
05 Apr 2007 09:26
Forum: Competitions
Topic: ~SpeeedAddicts~ TEAM Fight 2007 v1.o
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hehe, dvil will also take part :)