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by Rollup
29 Nov 2017 07:00
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Broken client-side SP score
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Broken client-side SP score

Hello, So I've had my cheated ( puzzle A02 and C01, these times are from awhile ago ) times removed from the actual servers ( I believe, as the SP doesn't show up on something like TM-Ladder ), but it still shows up in game for me. I know that I shouldn't be shown up as #716 in the world, and have 1...
by Rollup
27 Nov 2017 11:07
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Remove illegitimate times
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Remove illegitimate times

Hello! :D , It has been quite some time since I've actually played Trackmania, but I do remember what I had thought was a weird 'bug' quite awhile ago. I ended up with 2 "good" Official mode rankings, but now I realize that it was because someone had installed TMUnlimiter who knows when. I recognize...