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by stepoff
14 Aug 2018 14:50
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Topic: Hosting freezone server
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Hosting freezone server

can you help me out,,i have been trying to host my own freezone server for about a week,,i have trackmania star edition,paid of course and the free tmuf
by stepoff
14 Aug 2018 01:48
Forum: ServerMania
Topic: What am i doing wrong?
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Re: What am i doing wrong?

hey weasel i have the same problem,, i have the free version and the star edition that i bought
by stepoff
14 Aug 2018 00:34
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Topic: TM stadium server masterserver_account
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Re: TM stadium server masterserver_account

i have the same problem,,i cant seem ti figure this out,,i have read all of the instructions,,but nothing Edit 1: is there any videos on how to set up the trackmania dedicated server for TrackMania United Forever Star Edition,,,plz help Edit 2: by the way on the player page,there is no drop down menu