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by Hoerli
07 Feb 2019 19:08
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: php5.6/php7 compatibility + memleak fix
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Re: php5.6/php7 compatibility + memleak fix

Heiho! I hope somebody can help me here. I have a Ubuntu 18.10 server with php7.2. xAseco doesn't start properly anymore with a fresh installation and just returns the following error: [02/07,20:02:21] [RASP] Calculating ranks... PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to fun...
by Hoerli
25 Jun 2016 17:09
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: [XASECO2] Plugin: Records-Eyepiece 1.1.1 (UPDATE)
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Re: [XASECO2] Plugin: Records-Eyepiece 1.1.0 (UPDATE)

I have the same problem like Michael_E. I have test the commands /eyepiece hide /eyepiece show but it doesn't work. If i press F7 i see the Widgets again until the next Map loading. Its a fix for a short time, but we need a fix for that or a fix who works better :D My Servers run on Linux. Don't kno...
by Hoerli
19 Jul 2015 16:10
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: (X)Aseco+RASP Website Stats v3.6
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Re: (X)Aseco+RASP Website Stats v3.6

Following doesn't work: Info-Page: The Gameserver is offline at the moment! php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known (0) Tracks: Track information Table 'tm2-mm-aseco.challenges' doesn't exist => The Challenges-Table now called "maps" with xAseco2 Serverstats: The Game...