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by TmNations
08 Aug 2014 04:58
Forum: FAQ/Tutorial forum
Topic: What does CAR mean?
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What does CAR mean?

What does CAR mean, I found a CAR StadiumCar in the Forever database, and I've been searching everywhere and I can't find out what it means.

by TmNations
22 Jun 2014 11:02
Forum: Skins
Topic: Problem with Advertisement-skins
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Re: Problem with Advertisement-skins

You can convert the .jpg files into .dds TrackMania files by opening the launcher, clicking Help, then clicking Custom Data and then clicking Block Skin. It shows that .jpg files can be converted. Select the file and click Open. Then after miliseconds, it shows that your .jpg file was converted into...
by TmNations
12 Jun 2014 15:10
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: TMN ESWC on Windows 7
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Re: TMN ESWC on Windows 7

:pil Is your Windows 32-bit or 64-bit? You can try downloading the latest Starforce protection driver.