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by Robotec
15 Feb 2014 21:58
Forum: Trackmania Forever Ladder
Topic: Advertise your 80K/100K server in the TM forum
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Legendary Roc Server

Hi guys, :) we have on the 2nd march our no-coast united roc Server :) You can find our server in Germany/North Rhine-Westphalia/Cologne The serverlogin is: legendaryroc At the moment we have 14 maps. We have 4 snow maps, 4 Island maps, 4 bay maps and 2 desert maps. I will see you at our server :) B...
by Robotec
08 Feb 2014 14:05
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: How can I drive with a Snow Car in stadium?
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How can I drive with a Snow Car in stadium?

Hi people, I want to drive with the United Skins in stadium. I don´t mean envimix. For Example: I want to drive with the nadeo Snow Car on stadium. But the snow car has the physiks of the stadium car. I just want the designe of the snow car. But for that I need a Mainbody.Solid .gbx and Mainbody.Hig...
by Robotec
08 Feb 2014 09:51
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Gamepad vs Keyboard
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Re: Gamepad vs Keyboard

For me it is to hard to play only with pad.
I played 1 1/2 year just with keyboard and I trained to play with my
x-box 360 controller, but i still like more my keyboard :)