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by Karyl Eastin
12 Mar 2011 08:59
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Ghost Car Skin
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Re: Ghost Car Skin

Has the "Ghost Skin" u see for Stadium, when u drive solo on a map, been made already? It would be fun to drive with an almost tru-visible car? All glass vehicles have been around for years now. There ARE NO GHOST VEHICLES. They're all glass, every single one of them. __________________ R4 3DS card...
by Karyl Eastin
12 Mar 2011 08:58
Forum: Tracks
Topic: Tracks by Mindphaser (NEW = Twisted Asphalt I)
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Re: Tracks by Mindphaser

7. BABYLON DS3 - Multi-lap Behemoth of a track - Gorgeously decorated - Generous use of R4 3DS night lighting - Multi-lap (track splits and Nintendo 3DS R4 merges twice with each section equaling each other in time, but n...