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by Tecktonik1231
07 Jan 2011 16:24
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: (X)Aseco+RASP Website Stats v3.6
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Re: (X)Aseco+RASP Website Stats v3.1

Ant, I have problems with encoding. Worth all right everywhere, but what questions are worth. What should I do?
by Tecktonik1231
04 Dec 2010 18:08
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: [XAseco] ZeroSwitch v2.0 in developement (22-Oct-2009)
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Re: [XAseco] ZeroSwitch v2.0 in developement (22-Oct-2009)

Please Help me [XAseco] PHP Version is 5.2.6 on WINNT [XAseco] Load settings [config.xml] [XAseco] Load admin/ops lists [adminops.xml] [XAseco] Load banned IPs list [bannedips.xml] [XAseco] Load plugins list [plugins.xml] [XAseco] Load plugin [plugin.musicserver.php] [XAseco] Load plugin [plugin.lo...
by Tecktonik1231
06 Aug 2010 20:10
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: Please help
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Please help

I cannot add a track, but I enter a code all correctly and the error gives out such. How it is possible to correct it?
by Tecktonik1231
27 Feb 2010 13:22
Forum: RemoteCP 4
Topic: Help urgently
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Help urgently

How to make, that at an input people endowed or them throws out from a server. Help, it is necessary very urgently.
by Tecktonik1231
19 Feb 2010 07:37
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Prompt please!!!
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Prompt please!!!

How to replace a server logo in a corner? Prompt please!!!
by Tecktonik1231
18 Feb 2010 18:30
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: Xaseco Plugins archive - now complete with xymph's list.
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Re: Xaseco Plugins archive - now complete with xymph's list.

Big to you thanks for such happiness. :gobananas: :gobananas: :gobananas: