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by Ultraform
20 Jan 2010 01:24
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: I challenge you!
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Re: I challenge you!

tmtp://#score=ultraform:A10-Acrobatic:9570:B12010F9 :o
by Ultraform
18 Jan 2010 02:45
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: TMForever Optional Patch: 2009-11-24 v2.11.25 - StarEdition
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Re: TMForever Optional Patch: 2009-10-09 v2.11.23

Hi .. i use Tm on steam but its still version 2.11.16 there.. then i have the downloaded free version frome here but it is 2.11.21 and when i update it say your version is corrently up to date.. most i update manually on both version ?
by Ultraform
12 Jan 2010 06:32
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: lost half of my medals
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lost half of my medals

Hi i have two windows now but after i but back the TrackMania folder in to my My documents to the other windows it only shows 165 medals of 212 :O where is the rest of them :O // Ultraform My first topic :( Edit : It most be some folder more who have save files :?: But i have both steam version and ...