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by mamc14
07 Feb 2011 21:19
Forum: ServerMania
Topic: Error of Relay
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Error of Relay

Hi, first of all I must say I apologize the bad English, I had to use a translator.

The problem is that I opened a Relay with Servermania, almost always works fine but at the end or change of the relay track expels those who are in it, even so the relay stays connected. Could it be? please help.
by mamc14
21 Dec 2009 20:12
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: Several XAseco plugins by Milenco
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Re: Several XAseco plugins by Milenco

Many links are broken.

Someone has "at FufiWidget TopDonaters Scoreboard" to upload it to another host and to download please.
by mamc14
06 Apr 2009 19:25
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: put music on my server?
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put music on my server?

Hi I would like to put music on my server but I really wanted and I have not found a tutorial ... I would like to know how to put it, could tell if someone knows please ... Thank you

PD: This paragraph has been translated from Spanish to English ... Forgive me if this wrong redact :D