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by m&o
07 Sep 2008 08:36
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: I'm Being Abused Online.
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Re: I'm Being Abused Online.

Hey, it's me again. I haven't really had time to get on TM because of basically stacked up personal issues. Anyway, last week, I got a chance to review your tracks, and *fanboi alert* HOLY CRAP OMG! *fanboi alert* Your tracks are amazing! People, you should DEFINITELY try out his tracks. IMO, at le...
by m&o
18 Jul 2008 16:39
Forum: Trackmania Forever Ladder
Topic: regarding the +50k servers rules and formula
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Re: regarding the +50k servers rules

there might be good reasons but FS can have great skill in it, oke most of them are just straight forward and easy turns

btw. you forgot pf tracks:P

by m&o
09 Jul 2008 15:08
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Why only one ladder update a day?
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Re: Why only one ladder update a day?

well there are no good ladder stats released for public and only for ingame now. once the good stuff is released they can update more

I think...

by m&o
09 Jul 2008 12:35
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: [Fix] Restore GBX and TMTP associations
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Re: [Fix] Restore GBX and TMTP associations

thanx f*ckfish finaly can use that now because I first had ie but after I installed tmuf I got firefox and never got the tmtp in there(till now...)

by m&o
04 Jul 2008 18:23
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Speed Limit on Reverse
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Re: Speed Limit on Reverse

depends, downhill goes faster :wink:
by m&o
07 Jun 2008 21:18
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Why not make United free, if it's not going to be available?
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Re: Why not make United free, if it's not going to be available?

well I live in the netherlands an I have also never seen it in any store however why make it free?! nadeo is a compenie everything they do is to make profit of it one way or the other thats the way it works, now in the nations version you will see some advertising. but the nations version is also a ...
by m&o
30 May 2008 12:45
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: I suck
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Re: I suck

everclear21 wrote:ZOMFG!
double post:P
by m&o
17 May 2008 18:00
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Custom Content
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Re: Custom Content

well maps from
and mods will mainly just come whit the maps

and ofcorse everything:
by m&o
17 May 2008 17:56
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Number of Serverslots
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Re: Number of Serverslots

....Provider says: if more as 32 players are visible in the serverlist the settings are wrong and illegal..... than it is a crap hoster... he should know that this is the case in TM when a player leaves... otherwise the time of disconnected player would not count etc... well and what he says, even ...
by m&o
12 May 2008 13:54
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: glasses
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Re: glasses

try scroll down the page b4 you post... viewtopic.php?f=7&t=15336
by m&o
28 Apr 2008 18:11
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: I challenge you!
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Re: I challenge you!


can be done faster but i am to lazy:P
by m&o
26 Apr 2008 21:24
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: TMnF and xfire toplist
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TMnF and xfire toplist


well yea the image is from the xfire site and speaks for himself
by m&o
27 Mar 2008 19:19
Forum: News
Topic: TrackMania Nations Forever Tests (SUBSCRIPTIONS CLOSED!)
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Re: TrackMania Nations Forever Tests

enf wrote:its not possible to create an account which already exists :p (at least i couldnt create one ^^)
yes same thing for me it told me account already in use
by m&o
26 Mar 2008 21:59
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Admin
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Re: Admin

Xymph wrote:The latest version is 0.93 but v0.95 will be out very soon.
wait I can't count or do you skip 0.94?
by m&o
13 Mar 2008 17:09
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: problem with plugin.badwords.mcm.php
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Re: problem with plugin.badwords.mcm.php

lgrfbs-sweden wrote:Like so?
I add a "z" to variable names there errors showed it needed.
only way to check if it is right start aseco whit the code and if it does not crash like that